Testimonial on Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation and Parkinson’s

I have some incredible feedback regarding the benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation and the treatment of PX stage 4 Parkinsons Disease!
Towards the end of last year, and after his referral to me by a family member who had been seeing me for treatments themselves, PX came to my practice from his nursing home in order to test the miraculous healing potential of hydrogen therapy. Upon first meeting this patient, his state was critical, and it had taken three people, 10 minutes, to assist his walking into my office. However, it was incredible to see how both his mental and physical state transformed after a mere 10 minutes of inhalation. His tremors had subsided almost completely, and his physical state was one of complete relaxation. Furthermore, he was able to hold, and drink from a glass of hydrogen-enriched water without any assistance other than that of a straw. That night he claimed to have slept fantastically following his hour of hydrogen inhalation at my practice.
Moreover, on the second day of PX’s treatments, the time taken to walk him into my office had improved dramatically-  taking only half the time. Similarly to the previous day, continuous improvements were observable in his physical state, as it was clear to see that both the tension and tremors in his body continued to relax. His family members had informed me that after his second treatment he was able to sit unassisted and unsupported, as well as only needed minimal aid when showering.
On the third, and last day, PX was ecstatic and stated that he had not felt so well and strong in over 6 years. His family was overjoyed with the significant improvements in his health, which had been greatly accelerated by  3 hours of molecular hydrogen therapy. PX family has now moved him out of his nursing home, and into the supportive household of his daughter’s – who have bought him  hydrogen shots as well as a mini-inhaler in order to continue his incredible healing.
I will keep you updated on his progress  as he continues the use of hydrogen therapy on a daily basis. I have no doubt that you are as excited as I am to see more evidence pertaining to the benefits and successes of hydrogen – it really is the bomb!
Warmest Regards

After 3 days of molecular hydrogen inhalation and drinking Hydro Shot Water – he is able to walk, stand and sit unassisted! This has not been the case for 7 years! Yesterday he even got out of bed on his own and was able to hold a cup of coffee and drank from it with a straw. He says he feels so well!


This video was taken on the 3rd of April- he climbed into the bath without any assistance!

He is also regular with bowel movements daily since the second week. Apparently he had constipation and maybe 1 or 2 bowel movements a week for the past 20 years!


PX is doing so well! His sister, who hasn’t seen him since January, just burst into tears. The last time she saw her brother, he was in a wheel chair and was not able to talk. She was overjoyed when he not only walked up to her but they could also have a proper conversation! He is also able to eat with a fork!