10 Reasons to Start Drinking Hydrogen Water

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10 Reasons to Start Drinking Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a tasteless, odorless and flammable gas that most researches and ongoing ones link to many benefits like battling cancer and others by reducing oxidative stress. This was not the case before with these diseases but this antioxidant is now being publicized today for its power to heal many of these problematic diseases.

The superiority and uniqueness of hydrogen has its root in its ability to activate the life-sustaining pathway (Nrf2) and increase the internal levels of glutathione and other antioxidants if they are lower than they normally are or should be. Molecular hydrogen prevents the formation of free radicals by improving cellular communication and providing cell modulating properties to the body. This process done by molecular hydrogen is likened to a cleanup operation in a factory where the majority of the waste products are taken out.

These waste products represent the free radicals being eradicated while the factory represents the mitochondria which were previously functioning poorly needing a rescue. There are several means of ingestion of molecular hydrogen ranging from drinking of hydrogen infused water to H2 inhalation, H2 baths and putting H2 saline into the eyes. All we have done so far is try to be skeptical with information but as the information headlining this article, we would like to look at the 10 reasons why we should use molecular hydrogen, let’s go.

1. Hydrogen Corrects DNA Damage

Molecular hydrogen has a lot of benefits, one of which is the correction of DNA damages in the cell’s mitochondria. This is backed up by a study which shows that molecular hydrogen exerts protection against radiation induced DNA based damage, OH scavenging being the only mechanism involved in the process explained so far. Repair of damaged DNA is a major breakthrough one feat which molecular hydrogen has been seen to achieve.

2. Hydrogen fights Allergies

An allergy is a misinformed response to outside substances by the immune system, the body’s resistance against remote intruders, especially pathogens (the agents of contamination). The allergic response is misinformed in that these remote substances are normally safe. The substances that triggers allergies are called allergens. Examples are dusts, dust vermin, molds, dander’s, and certain food’s. Individuals inclined to allergies are said to be allergic or atopic. This reaction can be calmed by the ingestion of molecular hydrogen by simply inhibiting intracellular signaling pathways decreasing the inflammatory and oxidant reactions. 

3. Obesity reduction

Obesity is a medical condition (popular medical condition with 32.2% of men and 35.5% of women in America are termed as obese) in which excess fat has accumulated in the body to the extent that it would have lots of negative effects on the body like reduced life expectancy as well as other medical health challenges. Excess fat is an inflammatory state which is one of the strong tackling points of molecular hydrogen as long-term drinking of hydrogen infused water reduces the level of plasma glucose, sugars as well as triglyceride, similar to the effect of strenuous practices like dieting and diet restriction.

4. Improves cognitive function of the brain

Cognitive functions can be defined as cerebral activities that lead to knowledge, including all means and mechanisms of acquiring information. Cognitive functions include reasoning, memory, attention, and language and lead directly to the realization of information and thus, knowledge. Cognitive function is studied by a lot of different scientist working in different domains like neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, philosophy. Molecular hydrogen has the ability to cross the brain and blood barrier thereby increasing cognitive functions as well as increasing the health status of those with Parkinson’s disease.

5. Faster recovery from sports related injuries

When talking about many of the reasons for oxidative stress, we come across many as well as one which is surprising to many who have heard of it which is over exercising. We know that exercising is good but too much of it is very bad for the body and I’ll tell you why. Too much muscle contraction during intense exercises can lead to oxidative stress which leads to fatigue as well as micro injuries which we visibly capture as inflammation. Studies have shown that hydration with hydrogen-rich water improves exercise-induced decline of muscle functions.

6. Improves the skin as it battles aging

Skin wrinkles as well as change of the appearance of the skin is one of the most visible signs of aging. Aging is a factor which comes naturally as times goes on in the life of any human being and many of these individuals choose to battle it out with the effects that come with aging especially the skin in which they are right to do so. Skin damage is for most of the time not a factor of aging but oxidative stress which surfaces on the skin. Antioxidants which are derived from molecular hydrogen holds the best record when it comes to combating oxidative damage on the skin.

7. May help in preventing diabetes

Studies have shown that patients with type 2 diabetes who sufficiently took enough of hydrogen-rich water for 56 days (eight weeks) had general improvements as tests run on them showed no symptoms of the disease as before. The effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water were very enormous and effective as well.

8. Fights auto-immune diseases

If there is one thing molecular hydrogen is popularly known for, it’s the ability to reduce excessive free radicals in the body which cause cell imbalance. With this in mind, H2 can conceivably help battle many autoimmune diseases like Lupus (SLE) leaving the body in a generally healthy state.

9. Helps to reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very serious inflammatory disease known for its ability to destroy the bones as well as the cartilage. Studies prove that consumption of hydrogen rich water reduces oxidative stress and in turn combats disease activities in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

10. May battle cancerous tumor

Cancer and cancerous tumors have its roots in roots in oxidative stress also known as elevated rates of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which in turn promotes many aspects of tumor progression and development. With all this mentioned, we all know that oxidative stress Is no match for molecular hydrogen as it tends to erase oxidative stress as well as the resulting tumor growths. In a study done on patients with liver tumor, had a better quality of life when going to radiotherapy treatment.